About UVID Dronetech 2020

The unmanned vehicle field and particularly unmanned aircraft systems (unmanned aerial vehicles/remotely piloted aircraft), in which the State of Israel is one of the world's leaders, is one of the engines of technological and economic growth in our world. For many years the field was focused on military systems that were used mainly by Western entities.

About a decade ago, as technological capabilities increased, the global trend changed and the field made inroads into new sectors – no longer only military business in Western countries, but operations in both the civilian and military sectors worldwide. 

The unmanned vehicle exhibition UVID Dronetech, an initiative of Arrowmedia's Israel Defense and Op-Team-UM, was established in 2012 with a goal of holding a yearly gathering that focuses on unmanned systems from a strategic perspective – in the air, on land and at sea.

UVID Dronetech is the traditional meeting place for all stakeholders dealing with the field of unmanned vehicles in Israel, with an emphasis on a diverse, relevant and influential crowd.  Each year the event is attended by key officials and decisionmakers from Israel and other countries.

The prestigious event will be held for the ninth consecutive year, in compliance with the COVID-19 health directives of Israeli government ministries. An impressive exhibition of companies will take place alongside the fascinating professional conference and unique demonstrations of various types of unmanned vehicles.

The theme of the event will be "UAV missions and challenges in the urban space", along with four other key topics:

  • lifesaving missions and smart solutions using UAVs;
  • drone autonomy, AI, swarms and big data;
  • innovations and breakthrough technologies;
  • dealing with UAV threats

The previous UVID Dronetech, held in November 2019, drew:

  • 3,000 participants (bringing the total number of those who have attended the event to about 18,000)
  • 25 countries
  • 70 companies and other exhibitors
  • 52 speakers

We invite you to visit the UVID DroneTech YouTube channel, watch the lectures from previous events, and check out the summary of UVID Dronetech during the last eight years in the presentation.