Aeronautics Group

Aeronautics Group is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of defensive unmanned aerial and advanced ISTAR solutions. Its multi-operational, multi-purpose systems offer the most innovative, groundbreaking solutions for optimal performance and reliability.
The Group’s turnkey solutions address a range of contemporary aerial, naval, and land-based security challenges. Aeronautics’ broad product portfolio offers combat proven solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and exceptional operability and performance. Its systems are built on three decades of technological and operational success, and offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for cost-effective defense, HLS, and civil mission solutions. Aeronautics’ first-class research and development establish a clear competitive edge in its operational and technological solutions.
Aeronautics is a market leader in Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, stationary and vehicle-mounted ground ISR systems, and border surveillance and force protection systems. Its aerostats include electro-optical stabilized sensors, wideband communication data links, and electrical propulsion systems.
Aeronautics’ comprehensive defense solutions include a range of services such as security and project management, high-level training, and maintenance services. To guarantee smooth UAS operations, it also offers high quality and in-depth training programs including OJT (On Job Training) for UAS mission commanders, operators, and technicians.
Since its founding, Aeronautics has grown into a world leader in the field of UAS-based technologies. In September 2019, Aeronautics Group was acquired by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Mr. Avichay Stolero. In addition to Aeronautics, the Group includes the following subsidiaries: Aeronautics Ltd., Commtact, Zanzottera, Controp, RT, Magal and CP Technologies.


Benda company is the official representative of leading international brands such as: Uniview, Logitech ,XBOX ,SanDisk ,TP-link, Western-Digital and more
And distributes a wide variety of innovative and quality products from the tech fields of IT, communications, gaming and peripheral equipment for security and computing.
In addition to importing, marketing and distributing the company greatly emphasizes providing service and support for the products it supplies, to the great comfort of its clients.
Since activity began back in 1982, lead by founder and CEO Mordechai Ben-David, Benda has accumulated a reputation, both in the private and busines sector, as a distributor of products characterized with technological innovation, reliability and high quality.
Among the success stories of the company is the in-home brand SilverLine, which transformed into a well known - high quality product, which benefits its clients with the highest Bang-For-Buck reward in a wide variety of categories. All SilverLine products are manufactured in the most advanced factories in the world and meet the harsh quality standards set by Benda.
Today Benda employes more than 150 workers in 6 different divisions, Benda has a firm economic base and is among the leading companies in the field.




Investment Fund






arazim Ltd is Israeli developers and manufacturer of advance, miniature, MEMS-based Inertial Navigation Systems and GNSS-Based North Finding Systems with heading accuracy of below 1mRad.
We are ISO9001-2015 certified and serve both defense and civilian applications.


Airobotics has developed an unmanned drone solution, the first of its kind in the global market.The company provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights for all types of operational environments, including urban areas with high population density and remote areas with extreme conditions.



MTC is one of the leading Israeli companies in development and
manufacturing of complex aerospace and defense subsystems.
MTC provides solutions to a wide range of applications and
industries implementing high-end technologies



Hyper-Tech is a professional hub for a broad selection of cutting- edge technologies and solutions focusing on Positioning and Mapping, Components & Sub-Assemblies, M2M / IoT, Wireless Communication and Homeland Security.
We are proud to serve and bring value to hundreds of businesses in Israel in multiple industries including- Military & Defense, Aviation & Aerospace, Public Security, Seaports, Transportation, Telecommunication, Energy & Utilities, Governmental, Security & Surveillance, Academic institutions, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Industrial manufacturing and more.
Our products and services are used in diversified applications including Data Communication, Positioning & Mapping, Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles (UV/UAV/UAS), Communication Networking, Threats detection & Identification, M2M / IoT applications including Smart City, Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Automation and more.

CTI Computech International


The GPS Security Company, provides front-end cyber solutions that detect and protect GPS/GNSS from jamming interference. infiniDome products defend GPS-based systems that are critical for drones, connected fleets, critical infrastructure, defense and homeland security, and autonomous vehicles.



Metalicone was established in 1999 by Mr. Stef Wertheimer the founder of the ISCAR Group (a Berkshire Hathaway company), as an independent profit & Loss unit within the PLASEL LTD company. since 2011 Metalicone has become an Independent incorporation, a daughter company of Plasel LTD group. Within the last three decades, Metalicone has perfected the art of precision down to a single micron (0.001 mm) and established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, machined metal parts and sub-assemblies. Metalicone serves a range of end markets, including machine tools, commercial printing, Medical, aerospace, equipment builders for the High-tech industries (manufacturing and quality control equipment), tooling fixtures & dies, hydraulic blocks & manifold, sub-system assemblies and others. In these complex industries where no room for error exists, customers place their trust in Metalicone due to the company’s wealth of knowledge, proven reliability, and utmost precision in all of their products. A team of 180 employees is based in a 5,500 square meter plant in Israel and in a 1,600 square meter plant in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, operated by its subsidiary Metalicone GmbH.

Shibolet & Co.

Shibolet & Co. is one of Israel’s largest full-service corporate law firms, building on a sterling legacy as we pioneer tailor-made legal solutions across evolving market sectors. Consistently ranked among the top five Israeli law firms, Shibolet is widely regarded as a powerhouse for business-oriented legal service, expertise, and insight. In 1973, Shibolet’s original founders recognized a simple truth: a single person, no matter how skilled or professional, can never compare to the extraordinary capabilities of a cohesive team. This essential philosophy has led us to bring together more than 270 full-time law practitioners, each of whom has different specialties and complementary skills. Thanks to this highly-qualified team, we can offer diverse local and international clientele, the full spectrum of corporate and commercial legal knowledge under one roof.




Percepto is at the forefront of redefining how critical infrastructure and assets are monitored end-to-end, leveraging remote robotics to autonomously collect and aggregate near real-time visual data.
Leveraging its experience with Percepto Sparrow, the most deployed drone-in-a-box solution on the market, the company introduced Percepto AIM (Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring) the first end-to-end autonomous inspection and monitoring
platform, powered by industrial robotics.
Percepto empowers the remote operation center of the future to assess risk, minimize downtime, drive efficiency, increase safety and reduce operational costs.
Founded in 2014, Percepto’s solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 customers in more than 10 countries including ENEL, Florida Power and Light and Verizon. The company is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award.



Amicell Amit Industries Ltd is a leading manufacturer of custom made battery packs and charging systems. we provide full and optimal solutions per our customer's needs and their application requirements
AMICELL is the only company in the world that managed to achieve 320wh/kg within the Lithium Polymer field
New line starting October 2021 - VENCON UBA5 - Analyzers for batteries - manufactured by Amicell


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Easy Aerial

Easy Aerial offers the most robust and versatile autonomous airborne security, monitoring, and inspection solutions on the market today. Going above and beyond available systems on the market, Easy Aerial's solutions are engineered to meet the widest variety of operational requirements.



Flysafe LTD sell and service Drone detection and mitigation solutions to Government clients around the world, in its 3 years of activity the company and her clients achieved great success in operational activities.








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