Bentzion Levinson

CEO, HevenDrones

Bentzion moved to Israel from New York with his family at the age of 10. The Startup Nation was a natural ecosystem to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit and strong urge to help. Growing up he always wanted to make an impact in his community, as well as help improve communities around the world. In 2018, Bentzion took the lead in a national project to detect agricultural fires that were ravaging farming communities. Using drone technology and integrating thermal imaging and communications systems, Bentzion curated a team to not only detect the fires, but to provide immediate intervention. This project led to the eventual creation of Heven Drones in 2019. Heven Drones is leading the way for actionable flying robots in the world of tomorrow, by finding innovative solutions and utilizing unique technological collaborations. With these drone-based advances, Heven Drones and Bentzion aim to serve communities and individuals, meet their needs, access their desires, and propel the world into the future.