Dr. Kfir Luzzatto

President, The Luzzatto Group, Patent attorney

Kfir Luzzatto serves as the President of The Luzzatto Group, representing the fourth generation of his family involved in the realm of intellectual property. The firm, initially founded by his great-grandfather in Milan, Italy, in 1869, has been situated in Israel for over 50 years.

With extensive expertise in drafting and prosecuting patent applications across diverse fields, Luzzatto currently focuses on directing and participating in IP litigation. He oversees complex portfolios that demand sophisticated strategic planning. Luzzatto's multidisciplinary experience spans pharmaceuticals, life sciences, software, and defense. His extensive litigation experience allows him a unique perspective in developing robust IP protection for both start-ups and multinational companies alike.

With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Luzzatto is recognized for his contributions to litigation involving notable products such as PROZAC and VIAGRA. He has also been involved in less well-known yet important projects in the life sciences, defense, and software sectors. He is a recipient of the Landau Award for Research, originator of patented inventions, author of many articles on intellectual property, and member of several professional organizations in the intellectual property field. In 2003, he published "The World of Patents" in Hebrew through Globes Press, and in early 2016, he released another acclaimed book titled "Fun with Patents."