Alon Kloss

CEO, T.A.S. by Cando drones

Alon Kloss, CEO T.A.S. Drones (Top Air Solutions) by Cando Drones Group Alon, with his professional skill set and experience has accumulated over than thirty years in the military and civilian sectors, orchestrates the operations and solution integrations that the company provides to its customers. Four years ago, Alon, together with his partner and team of experts, founded the Cando Drones Group, and as COO developed operational capabilities and concepts for drone-based solutions, in diverse fields such as: security of factories and critical sites, mass events, enforcement and supervision operations in municipal service, integration of new drones in Israel, medical deliveries and development of aerial transportation and much more. Alon is an Army reserve Brigadier General, in his last role in the military he served as Head Artillery Officer, and in his service of over 3 decades he commanded, managed, and led large operational projects with substantial resources and multiple challenges. Alon holds an MSc. in system engineering.