Shay Perry

CEO, Dronery Fly

Introducing Shay Perry - CEO Meet Shay Perry, a distinguished individual with over 25 years of experience as a Res. Colonel, specializing in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). As one of the pioneers behind the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) UAV array, Shay has been instrumental in advancing military drone operations. In his role as the commander of a UAV squadron, Shay seamlessly integrated mid-level and low-level aerial vehicles, earning certification as a UAV instructor. His extensive military background has endowed him with a wealth of knowledge in UAV technology and operations. Driven by a passion to apply his expertise for civilian purposes, Shay is a partner in Cando Drones. Now, as the CEO and founder of Dronery, he directs his focus towards pioneering advancements in drone technology for delivery services and air taxis. Notably, Shay Perry and the Dronery team have achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first to fly the Ehang 216 S autonomous Aerial Autonomous Vehicle (AAV) out of China. This groundbreaking accomplishment signifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the UAV industry. Shay's academic achievements, coupled with his practical experience, include a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Management Engineering with a specialization in information systems, as well as an MBA in Business Administration. With a unique blend of military leadership, technological proficiency, and business acumen, Shay Perry stands at the forefront of UAV innovation.