Dekel noyhous

VP of Business Development, AGL

Dekel Noyhauz Dekel is the VP of Business Development at AGL. With profound expertise in the control, management, and regulation of both civilian and military airspace, he is a specialist in Urban Air Mobility and U-Space management. Boasting over 30 years of experience, Dekel has led intricate, large-scale projects across the Defense, Aerospace, and Aviation industries. His depth of knowledge covers aviation regulatory processes, airspace operations, and the coordination of work protocols between diverse authorities. Having retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the IAF, Dekel held all the pivotal roles in airspace management. He started as a flight controller, led the Coordination & Synchronization IAF branch, and eventually headed the Air Traffic and Flight Control branch. In this capacity, he was the IDF's main aviation regulator and the primary liaison between military and local & international civil aviation. Throughout his service, Dekel became deeply familiar with the diverse aviation challenges Israel faces, spanning all altitudes, platforms, and sectors. This invaluable experience has significantly contributed to his role in enhancing AGL's VLL services, establishing AGL as a leading knowledge source in VLL airspace management and regulation.