General inquiry

What is included in my ticket?

All tickets provide entrance to the exhibition. You may enter the exhibition more than once.

Other tickets, that are not Exhibition visitor pass, also provide entrance to the conference sessions and lectures.
To know what every ticket includes, please enter the registration page, and review the detailed tickets list.


When is the event being held?

The event will be be held on July 2020. We suggest keeping updated on our website and publication for any changes in advance.
Conference hours will be held in accordance with the conference program, which can be found at the program page.


How do I arrive at the venue?

Detailed directions to the event venue can be found at the following link:


What does the event consist of?

The event is consist by a large exhibition will be held alongside the conference, with the participation of the defense industries and startup companies, who will present their unmanned systems and technological means.
Along side the exhibition will be held a conference, with the presence of senior positions in Israel and the world: senior representatives from the IDF, defense industries, the Ministry of Defense, armies in the world and academia.


Who organizes the event?

The event is organized by Arrowmedia Israel Ltd., which is a dynamic content company specializing in website management, content writing, and the publication of books and magazines. One of Arrowmedia's main line of business is Conferences & exhibitions organization, that covers all aspects of international and Israeli defense and security, cyber, energy, and innovative technologies. 


How can I stay updated on the event?

To receive the latest updates on the event, important announcements and news, you can subscribe to our mailing lists here.


Can I receive a list of the event attendees?

As a registered database, we cannot disclose participant information whatsoever. However, we invite you to attend the event and enjoy it as a networking platform to create new business connections and collect leads.


In which language will the lectures will be held?

All lectures will be held in Hebrew, except those which will be held in English by International speakers. 
Next to the conference hall you will be able to find headphones for simultaneous translation from Hebrew to English..


Is the venue accessible?

The venue is accessible. For further information about the venue's accessibility please contact the venue at: