UVID DroneTech - the most prestigious unmanned vehicles event in Israel is set for the fall (Nov. 7th, 2019).

Serving as a global dialogue on opportunities and challenges affecting the global community, the UVID DroneTech conference offers a chance for participants to learn about the most innovative approaches to Unmanned Systems focusing mainly on the aerial domain, by some of the most prominent experts from the industry.

The UVID DroneTech conference is comprised of a Main Plenary and parallel sessions that are all part of the main agenda—along with Special Events that cover sector-specific topics and provide the opportunity for participants to come together in a setting that encourages dialogue and conversation.

Conference sessions and special events include smart unmanned solutions, smart data, AI and autonomy, counter UAS threats, new tech, innovation & investments and many more. Attendees must acquire a conference pass in order to participate in the special events.

One of the many benefits of the UVID DroneTech conference is its diverse roster and demographic of speakers and participants. These include leaders from the Unmanned Systems industry, governmental decision-makers from around the world, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts for dialogue on commercial problem-solving strategies for a variety of challenges in the Unmanned Systems arena—and the strategic creation of a supportive and innovation ecosystem.

Conference participants can enjoy the perks of learning all about the technological innovations, opportunities, challenges to civilian and defense solutions within the global arena—all while learning and engaging in conversation with masterminds from the Unmanned Systems industry and beyond.

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