Yoram Ziflinger

Defense Export Controls Agency (DECA - API), Licenses and Export Controls, Israel Defense Ministry


Mr. Ziflinger joined the Israeli MOD 26 years ago. 

He served Directorate of Security as well as in the Directorate of Defense Research & Development, and in both places carried out versatile duties some of which with a direct link to the issue of defense export control.


In 2004 Yoram joined SIBAT as Director Defense Export License & Export Controls. 


As of mid 2006 Mr. Ziflinger joined the newly established Defense export Control Agency (DECA) within Ministry of Defense as Director Defense Export Enforcement.


Yoram was Deputy Director (acting) of DECA between 2009 to 2011.


From  November 2011 until October 2016 Yoram was in the position of Director, Planning and International Cooperation Division. 


Since October 2016 Yoram in the position of Director, Enforcement & International Cooperation Division.  He is responsible for the defense enforcement and DECA international contacts.