The regulators roundtable panel

"Regulator Round Table and UVID Meets the Regulator" was chosen as one of the central focuses this year, in light of its vast influence on the development of the field, as well as the understanding that an annual conference needs to be established for these issues.

The panel will deal with organizational and regulatory aspects such as licensing and aerial operationalization, communications, export, privacy, and innovation. Participants will include stakeholders and leaders from government ministries and other relevant bodies.

The 1.5 hour-long panel will include brief presentations by each regulator on the activities being overseen by them in 2019, as well as their goals for 2020.
Panel moderator: Adv. Mr. Yuval Sasson, Partner, Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal

Following this will be a Q&A session that will include audience participation, with questions being submitted ahead of time. The panel will be concluded with two lectures on the latest developments and events that took place over the last year in the field of unmanned systems.

The panel will be held in Hebrew ׂ(without translation)


Guests with access to the event lectures will be able to take part in the panel. Exhibition-only visitors will not be granted entrance to the panel.

To register to the panel, click the button below, and submit questions for the panelists on the following topics: export supervision, aerial licensing and operation, privacy protection, communications, and innovation.