Alon Barnea

VP, Afeka, Israel

Alon serves as VP Development of “Afeka, Tel-Aviv Academic College of engineering” and CEO of "Afeka Yissumim ltd” its Commercial co.
Prior to AFEKA, Served as CEO of GraphTech (acquired by Intel 2011 ), General Manager of the mobile and service providers BU at RADVISION (acquired by AVAYA), VP Marketing & Business Development at Starhome, and Managing Director of SGI (SiliconGraphics) subsidiary in Israel and held senior positions with SGI EMEA management.
Mr. Barnea holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University. Alon is involved in various activities and forums of the Israeli vibrant High-tech ecosystem, serves on the board of “AMCHAM” Israel America Chamber of Commerce and co-founded the “Rotary Afeka-Avivtek” club and was its president 2016-2017.