Benny Davidor

Director of Airworthiness, Civil Aviation Authority Israel, Israel

Benny has been the director of the airworthiness division since February 2017, where he is responsible for type certification, production approval, and initial airworthiness certification of Israeli civil aircraft.
2010-2017 Head of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) department in the CAAI. Responsible for integrating UAS into the civil aviation airspace and facilitating all regulations, policies, and procedures enabling UAS operations in Israel.
2012 - CAAI, Flight standards, general aviation department acting manager.
1985-2010 Served as a fighter and remote pilot in the Israeli Air Force and retired as Colonel.
Holds in mechanical engineering and M.H.A from Ben Gurion University in the Negev.
Vice chairman of ICAO (international civil aviation organization) RPASP (Remotely piloted aircraft systems panel).
Member of JARUS (Joint association for rulemaking on unmanned systems).
Holds a Commercial pilot license and civil remote pilot permit.