Michal Levy

Acting Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel

Dr. Levy is the acting Chief Scientist & Senior Deputy Director-General of Agricultural Innovation at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture where she helps promote research, development, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Israeli Agtech academic institutes and industry. Dr. Levy helps developing the Israeli ecosystem by funding and connecting all the stakeholders such as companies in all stages, investors, academic researchers, etc. She holds deep knowledge of the Israeli and global Agriculture markets from various aspects.
After years of academic research at UC Davis, CA and The Weizmann Institute, Dr. Levy transitioned to the business world combining her in-depth understanding of technology with the markets’ business needs. Prior to her appointment as the Senior Deputy Director-General, Agricultural Innovation, Dr. Levy served as VP, Head of Business Development Agritech, Veterinary & Environment at Yissum, the Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Dr. Levy was appointed by the Minister of Agriculture:
1. In 2017 as a board member to the “Israeli peanut council”.
2. In 2020 as a board member to BARD (US-Israel Binational Agricultural Research
& Development Fund).
Between 2010–2018, Dr. Levy served as the Deputy Mayer of Oranit (volunteer position) and as a board member in the “Oranit Municipal Financial Corporation”.