Live Demonstrations

The UVID Dronetech 2020 unmanned vehicle conference will be held in the city of Tel Aviv and will include, for the first time in Israel, demonstration flights of unmanned aircraft (UAVs) in the urban space.

To interested bodies, particularly companies participating in the Urban Airspace Mobility initiative, we are offering this year a unique opportunity to provide a live flight demonstration in the conference area, which they can use as a stage for wide press coverage of their UAV capabilities. 

The prerequisites for conducting flight activities in the framework of the conference are:

  1. Every presenter is responsible for independently receiving from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) a flight authorization certificate suitable for the activity in the framework of the UVID Dronetech conference. The authorization must be transferred to the administration of the conference.
  2. Insurance covering the flight at the UVID Dronetech conference, confirmed by the   administration of the conference.
  3. Conducting the demonstrations according to the timeframes, scenarios and limitations defined by the CAA and the administration of the conference.

The following process must be carried out in order to conduct a flight at the UVID Dronetech conference:

  1. Submit an application to the UVID Dronetech 2020 conference office with a request to take part in the live flight demonstrations, using the form at the button below.
  2. Receive e-mail from the conference office tentatively confirming your participation in the conference and the flight demonstrations, in accordance with the request you submitted.
  3. Present the confirmation document to the Civil Aviation Authority and interact directly with the authority to receive authorization for conducting the flight at the conference
  4. After receiving authorization from the CAA, send the authorization to the conference administration together with confirmation of insurance covering the flight at the conference.
  5. Receive final authorization of the flight demonstration from the conference office along with the planned timeframes for the flights (it is possible that a flight will have to be conducted for a general rehearsal)


Scenario and Demonstration Principles

  1. Overall requirements: flight authorization certificate received from the CAAI; flight with visual line of sight, in a preapproved open area, not above people, with aerial operators, and during the daytime.
  2. Scenario for flight with payloads: start of engine, takeoff, climb to an altitude of 50 meters, straight and level flight, decline and release of payload/landing in an open area and release of payload, return for landing, landing and shutoff of engine.
  3. Alternate scenario: takeoff and landing at predetermined point, flight in airspace approved by CAAI, at altitude of up to 50 meters.
  4. Predetermined point of takeoff/landing/payload release:   32.10590 / 34.80810  
  5. Flight area approved by CAAI – see the attached diagram
  1. flight above a field (including flight of the length of the field and back)
  2. expanded scenario - field and buildings (dependent upon authorizations)


> Predesignated takeoff/landing/payload release point:  32.10590 / 34.80810  
> Flight field area
> Expanded flight area – above buildings
> Main exhibition area